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Integrating Hybrid Cloud into Your Curriculum: Lessons, Labs, and Tips to Bring Data Storage in the Cloud to Your IT Programs

Track Room Location: Heritage Hall, room 132

Data is becoming the most valuable asset of any organization, and the ability to store, manage, protect, analyze, and move data across a cloud enabled infrastructure is critical when cost, performance, and efficiency drive business decisions. Moving data from on premise cloud infrastructures to public cloud providers and hyper-scaler services like AWS and Azure makes data management even more complex and requires new solutions and skills.

In fact, in it’s 2017 Value of IT Certification Survey, Pearson Vue found that Cloud education is now in the top 3 disciplines of greatest interest for IT professionals who intend to take training or sit for a certification exam in the next 12 months.

This train the trainer course will focus on enabling participants to add data management and cloud fundamentals to their IT programs and courses. The content familiarizes participants with NetApp hybrid cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions and demonstrates how these solutions work.

In numerous exercises, participants will use NetApp and third-party tools to practice how to manage, move, and protect data throughout the cloud. The labs in this course use AWS and Azure resources that will be provided to participants as part of the exercises.

The goal is to prepare participants to understand and add value to a hybrid cloud curriculum and to arm them with content and exercises to use with their students. Participants will also be enrolled in and eligible to complete the NetApp Certified Storage Associate certification curriculum . All participants will be offered a Pearson Vue test voucher to take the certification exam at no charge.

Participants will leave the 5-day track with a deep understanding of cloud storage issues and approaches. They will have an in-depth understanding of the products and technologies that enable a Hybrid Cloud Solution and have the expertise to deploy and teach cloud technologies at their home institution.

Experience teaching general IT or cloud-related courses, and/or experience in working with programs such as the Cisco & VMware academies or AWS Educate would be helpful. A basic understanding of networking and cloud services would be helpful. Interest in data center and cloud infrastructures a plus.

None required. Lab guides and hard copy materials will be provided in-class by the instructors.



Patrick Hughes is Senior Technical Instructor at NetApp University. He joined NetApp in 1999, and has taught nearly all technical courses produced by the company. He enjoys traveling around the world teaching NetApp courses in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

A native of Silicon Valley, Patrick has worked for several high tech companies in his career, including NetApp, Sun Microsystems, Applied Materials, and others. He has an extensive background in technical management and education.

Patrick has a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Management from the University of San Francisco, and an MBA from Regis University in Denver Colorado. He currently lives in Longmont, Colorado and is an officer in the Colorado Mounted Rangers.

Jovonnie Chesney has been teaching technology since 1992 and is currently a Technical Instructor with NetApp University where he serves as the lead instructor for two Hybrid Cloud courses. On occasion, he teaches the CompTia Cloud+ and Security+ tracks for North Carolina State University’s Technology Training Solutions group.

Jovonnie was awarded the “Master Instructor” designation after completing the US Army’s Advanced Instructor Course and amassing more than 10,000 contact hours in the class room. He holds industry certifications in several genres - most recent is the NetApp Hybrid Cloud certification (NCSA-Hybrid Cloud).

Three Objectives
1. Introduce attendees to the fundamentals of today’s hybrid cloud storage and data management solutions and storage industry trends in order to provide a foundation to infuse cloud data management content and concepts into various IT programs and courses.
2. Provide participants with an in-depth, hands-on, interactive, train-the-trainer experience based on the NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Storage Associates certification curriculum, professional hybrid cloud courses, and a variety of labs.
3. Prepare participants to teach and deliver the NetApp Certified Storage Associate Hybrid Cloud certification content to their students – and provide a framework to add cloud storage courses and certification to their networking & virtualization courses and related-IT programs.


Day 1:
Welcome and Class Introductions
Overview of the week, proposed curriculum and learning objectives
Set-up and Log-in to the NetApp Learning Management Systems
Lecture: Storage and Data Management Fundamentals
Lecture/Lab: Teaching Clustered Data ONTAP

Day 2 Lectures & Labs:
Cloud Storage Trends & Technologies
NetApp Private Storage (NPS) networking requirements
Deploy a hybrid cloud
Configure an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud environment and an Azure Virtual Network environment for the hybrid cloud

Day 3 Lectures & Labs
Use PowerShell to extend customers' Microsoft Active Directory into the cloud
Features of NetApp ONTAP Cloud software and NetApp ONTAP Select software
Use OnCommand Cloud Manager to deploy ONTAP Cloud instances and to create SnapMirror relationships between ONTAP Cloud software and data center clusters
Mid-Point Check-in & review

Day 4 Lectures & Labs
Deploy a NetApp AltaVault appliance with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets in AWS as backend storage
Use an AltaVault appliance to migrate data between AWS and Azure
Use the Cloud Sync service to synchronize NFS data between onpremises storage and cloud-based storage

Day 5
Teaching techniques for storage
Review of course materials, labs, and key learnings
Review faculty account access and student enrollment processes
Participant feedback session and wrap up discussion

Instructor Resources
Participants are encouraged to review these materials prior to the Workshop.
Hybrid Cloud Strategy video (2 minutes)
Seamless Data Management in the Cloud Executive Overview

Please note that content is subject to change or modification based on the unique needs of the track participants in attendance.

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