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Keynote - "The Value of Certifications in Industry"

Wednesday, July 18

Speaker Information


Mercedes Adams is a member of the NetApp University leadership team, owning the Academic Alliances and leading a variety of strategic cross functional programs. With the Academic Alliances, Mercedes seeks to extend NetApp University’s broad data management and cloud technology education offerings to our communities globally through partnerships with colleges and universities, as well as organizations focused on serving veterans, women in technology, and minorities.

In addition, Mercedes champions a variety of strategic programs that touch leadership and development. As a member of the NetApp WIT Steering Committee, she is focused on broadening awareness and starting new conversations to transform our workplace. She previously ran the Guiding Coalition in IT and GTM, programs which seek to empower employees at all levels to unleash their passion to drive customer success, growth, and employee productivity.

Mercedes is also passionate about engaging our local communities to drive change, volunteering with Every Voice Engaged Foundation to facilitate participatory budgeting to engage her community.

Mercedes has been at NetApp 12 years supporting the World Wide Field and Customer Operations function as well as cross-company initiatives. She has been a part of Silicon Valley innovation for twenty years, previously at tech giants HP and Xerox PARC. Mercedes is proudly a graduate of De Anza Community College with an AA in Microcomputer Business Applications.

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